Reserve a Shuttle Bus

On this page you can make travel arrangement from the 4 major airports to Dornbirn. The cost will not exceed 25€ for each one-way ticket. We will inform you about the final cost in September 2019. You can either pay via the known bank accounts (IBAN/Transferwise) or directly at the registration desk.

There will be designated shuttle buses from and to Zurich. Please add your flight number so we can inform the driver and he can wait on delayed flights.

For Munich travellers, our SBBM-club members will greet you at the airport or Munich main station to get you on a group ticket for the train to Dornbirn.

For travellers to Memmingen and Friedrichshafen airport we will arrange alternative ways to get to Dornbirn.

We also need the information about the hotel you are staying so we can inform the driver which bus stops he has to cover.

NAF IDHotelFull Real Name of All Passenger(s)
Arrival Details
Oct. 3Number of Tickets NeededFlight Number
Departure Details
Oct. 7Number of Tickets NeededFlight Number